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Beautiful Pixelblaze Display Box Kit

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Gorgeously diffuse. Smooth gradients roll and morph across the special black acrylic screen.

Perfect as a desk toy, or perched on a shelf. This kit is easy to assemble, has an amazing build guide, and the wood can be stained or painted for a custom look.

This display box measures 3.5" square by 2" deep. The Pixelblaze Sensor Board's built-in microphone enables sound reactive patterns, or use the line-in jack for high quality audio straight from an AV setup.

The combination of Pixelblaze's HDR LED support and smooth animation, with our HDR LED panel and the black LED acrylic diffuser, gives a magical, almost infinitely smooth look. It is gorgeous at any light level.

Kit Contents

This full kit includes a Pixelblaze V3 Standard XL, a Sensor Expansion Board, our 8x8 HDR LED panel, the custom designed wood and acrylic box parts, and 20 small phillips head screws. 

You will need a USB power source and micro USB cable. 2.0 Amp is recommended - most computers or quick chargers will work fine as a power source.


Check out the build instructions here.