Where to Buy

Pixelblaze is manufactured in and shipped from Washington state, USA. We ship to the US and international destinations.

This site (shop.electromage.com) is our official online store.


Additional distributors

If we're temporarily out of stock of Pixelblaze controllers or expansion boards, Mouser ↗ commonly has some additional stock that they can ship. Please note they don't ship to the EU or UK.


International shipping options

We can ship worldwide when you order here from the main ElectroMage store, but sometimes international shipping from the US is slow or expensive.

UK customers may find cheaper and faster shipping from Dial SLV. Visit their online store ↗ to check their Pixelblaze stock.

The aforementioned Mouser Pixelblaze stock ↗ can also be a good option for some destinations outside the EU and UK.