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Pixelblaze Case

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A Pixelblaze case protects your controller. It lets you mount it securely in a variety of ways or makes it comfortable to carry in a pocket.

Our first case is intended for use with a Sensor Expansion Board soldered flush under your Pixelblaze V3 or V2. We’ll soon be releasing cases for other configurations.

  • Includes M2 screws + spares and a mini screwdriver
  • A flexible set of removable mounting tabs accept screws of different sizes and are designed to also work with zip ties. Slim tabs on top and bottom are perfect for affixing to a pole, such as a bike tube.
  • A strain relief shelf secures the wires to your LEDs in place with an included zip tie (spares included)
  • Raised button
  • Optional insertable USB power hole cover.
  • Knockouts (use a hobby knife) that give you easy access to all pins and solder pads
  • Works with any output connection: Screw terminal, solderless XH connector, or soldered wires
  • Carbon fiber black, with a dark purple logo inlay and translucent status LED window
  • Labeled output pins
  • Optional interior sticker to cover the status LED window for installation in pitch-black environments where you don’t want to see the onboard LED.

Want to remix or print it yourself? We've shared the .stl, .3mf, .step, and .f3d (Fusion 360 model) files on our GitHub.