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Pixelblaze + Sensor Board Case

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A Pixelblaze case protects your controller. It lets you mount it securely in a variety of ways or makes it comfortable to carry in a pocket.

These cases are compatible with Pixelblaze Standard (v2 or v3, not the Pico).

Here's a comparison of the Pixelblaze case options:

  PB + Sensor Board (this listing) Slim Flex Slim XH R2R
Holds Pixelblaze + a sensor board soldered underneath Pixelblaze Pixelblaze
Output: Screw terminal ✅ hole ✅ snap-out
Output: JST-XH on PCB top ✅ hole ✅ snap-out
Output: JST-XH on PCB bottom
✅ snap-out ✅ hole
Output: Wires directly soldered
Output strain relief shelf ✅, can cut off Optional Optional
Mounting hole tabs ✅, can cut off

Compatible with the mounting cradle
  - Pop a case in and out
  - USB strain relief
  - Use M2-M4 (#2-#6) screws or zip tie
  - Removable heavy-duty output strain relief shelf
  - Stackable

USB access Replaceable cover Snap-out Open

All cases feature:

  • Carbon fiber black, with logo inlay
  • Translucent status LED window
  • Raised button
  • USB power access
  • Output pins labels
  • Optional strain relief shelf (built-in or via mounting cradle) secures your LED wires in place
  • Access to pins and solder pads (cut out with a hobby knife)
  • Mounting options: Can accommodate screws, zip ties, or adhesive velcro (built-in or via mounting cradle)

Want to remix any of these or print one yourself? We've shared the .stl, .3mf, .step, and .f3d (Fusion 360 model) files on our GitHub.