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WS2811 Breakout for discrete LEDs - 10 Pack

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This is a pack of 10 WS2811 breakout boards for discrete LEDs. This provides current controlled addressable brightness control just like WS2812/NeoPixels, but with any LED you want to use! You can use Yellow, white, or even UV.

Each board has 3 constant current sink channels and works with 5v, though each channel can handle higher voltages. These are designed for use with common-anode RGB LEDs, but can be used with discrete LEDs of any color.

This is designed to allow chaining in a string. Solder 5V, data in, and GND to one side, and 5v, data out, and GND on the opposite side.

These are commonly used to make "bullet" style LED strings, but now you can make your own, with any LEDs you want!