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No-Soldering LED Wiring Adapters

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Just because you can solder doesn't mean you love doing it a million times before you get to the good part with your LEDs. 

With these adapters, you can get from almost anything to anything (at least for all LED vendors we've ever seen). They also help you do power injection from simple DC Barrel jack power supplies, solve pinout mismatches, or sail through that moment where you realize the connector gender on your LEDs didn't match what you're used to.

The X series adapts a JST-XH connector (which is now available on our solderless Pixelblaze) to the standard 3 and 4 pin JST-SM connectors, even if your LEDs are 12V or 24V, 3-wire, 4 wires with backup data, or 4 wires clocked.

  • 20AWG stranded pure copper
  • Removable shrink wrap label
  • Short enough for tight projects, just long enough to form an overlap loop for seamless LEDs

Please note: The following table may reference brand names that are trademarks owned by their respective holders, with no affiliation to Electromage.

Manufacturer Pixel Type  Adapter(s) from XH to LEDs
ElectroMage SK9822 X
Ray Eu SK9822 X
BTF SK9822 X5<->G
Adafruit APA102 X to MM4
(Many - most common) WS281[1,2] 5V X3
Ray Wu SK6812 RGBW X3 to FF3
ElectroMage GS8208 X12
Ray Wu GS8208 X3 to FF3 and snip VDD
Xnbada GS8208 X5-G and snip VDD
BTF WS2815  X12 to C-D and snip VDD