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LilLiPo Charger + Under/Short LiPo Protection

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Charge Current
Full LiPo management: charging and protection against: over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, and reverse polarity

LilLiPo is a small 8mm x 18mm board offering full LiPo battery management. It will charge a 3.7V (1S) LiPo battery, and offers many protection features to keep the battery healthy.
  • Constant current / constant voltage charge management for 1S 3.7V LiPos. A version with a charge current of 100ma and 212ma are available.
  • Under voltage protection. LiPo batteries can become damaged if drained too low. With this in place, no need to worry.
  • Over charge and over voltage protection.
  • Output short circuit protection prevents load shorts and over discharging.
  • Input/charge voltage reverse polarity protection.
  • Always-on protection with a low power drain of ~4µA.


  • Input voltage for charging should be between 4.25V and 6.5V. Must be at least 30mV above the battery voltage to charge.
  • Charges to 4.2V within 1%.
  • Charge current set at 100mA. Trickle charges LiPos drained below 2.9V.
  • Over discharge trips at 2.4V and restores at 3.0V.
  • Short-circuit protection trips at 4A within 8 milliseconds, or at 20A in 70 microseconds.
  • Over charge trips at 4.3V, e.g. if accidentally charged from output circuit.
  • Adds only 40mΩ inline to the battery.
  • Pretty li'l at 8mm x 18mm.

Why You Might Need It

Often cheap lithium batteries ship without any protection circuitry. LilLiPo is designed to be a simple battery management system, and to be as small as possible while still being easy to solder.