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HDR Addressable LED strip - SK9822 bare 1 Meter 60 Pixels/m

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Why choose these pixels?

These are the most stunning, high-performance LEDs made today. They are brighter and faster than NeoPixels (WS281x) and flicker-free with HDR capabilities.

This bare LED strip is great for projects that don’t need bulky connectors or adhesive backing material.

What is it?

This is a 1-meter-long strip of individually-addressable SK9822 RGB LEDs with a density of 60 LEDs per meter. These are powered by 5V and driven by a clock and data line. These are compatible with APA102s, which are also known/sold as DotStar.

The strips can be cut to any length. There are solder tabs between every LED. Bare strips without adhesive backing are easier to work with in some projects.

What makes these LEDs special?

Pixelblaze is the only commercially available pixel controller that will maximize the per-pixel HDR out of these amazing pixels due to its 32-bit pipeline.

These are state-of-the-art and provide rock-solid updates, faster refresh cycles, and the possibility of a dynamic range well beyond the usual 0-255. They have 24-bit RGB color (8 bits per channel) with an additional 5 bits of brightness control for an equivalent of 13 bits of brightness control. They can be used in very low-light applications without losing color-mixing capabilities, and transitions to black are extremely smooth.

The SK9822 is a clone of the APA102C LED, but improves on the design and can provide the same dynamic range without introducing flicker. They’re also superior to WS281x and APA102s for Persistence-of-Vision (POV) effects due to their speed and some implementation details around PWM and colors.

Why buy from us?

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Voltage 5 V
No redshift above 3.7 V
Cutout/flicker <2.3 V
Density 60 pixels/m (18/ft)
(16.7mm pitch)
10.0 - 52,500 lux @ 1"
(.58 mlm - ~6 lumens)
at full white
53 mA/pixel
(3.2 A/m, 1.0 A/ft)
at full white

.26 W/pixel
(16 W/m, 4.8 W/ft)
Note: You can power all 60 LEDs through Pixelblaze's USB connector after setting a 55% max brightness - it's still incredibly bright.

Power vs color White draws full current; single red/green/blue draws ⅓
Pad order (label) Ground (GND, black), clock (CLKI, yellow), data (SDI, green), +5 Volts (VCC, red)
Connectors & wiring Bare - must be soldered
Environmental IP20: Non-waterproof
Strip color Black
Size SMD5050 (5mm x 5mm) chips
10mm wide strip
2.1mm height
1 m (3.3ft) length
Color order BGR
Wavelengths R: 625nm, G: 520nm, B: 465nm
PWM 4.6 KHz, excellent for filming and PoV
Max Speed
before flickering,
full white with power injection
Depends on # of pixels and length:
1 m (60 pixels): 20 MHz
5 m (300 pixels): 12 MHz
Real-world max transmission on Pixelblaze: 270K pixels/s, IE pattern rendering will limit your max FPS before the data transmission speed will.
Manufacturer's datasheet SK9822A (pdf) from Normand ↗
In case of conflict, we suggest that you use our measured values