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8x8 RGBW LED Matrix (Neutral White)

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A grid of 64 beautiful RGBW (Neutral White) SK6812 (WS2812/NeoPixel) addressable LEDs, perfect for art & illumination.

an 8x8 matrix of leds, animated

an 8x8 matrix of leds, animated

an 8x8 matrix of leds, animated

This is a small 67.5x67.5mm (about 2.7" square) matrix of LEDs arranged in an 8x8 layout. These have an input and output, so are chainable for larger configurations.

The LEDs are RGBW SK6812 (WS2812 / NeoPixel compatible) with a neutral white and can be used with any library or LED controller that supports RGBW WS2812 / NeoPixel. These work very well with Pixelblaze LED controllers, which can use the white elements automatically whenever RGB would otherwise mix white.

The light cast by these LEDs can be quite bright! These can be used as displays, or as programmable illumination sources for casting animated shadows or textures when diffused in illumination projects.

In this kit you get the PCB with LEDs assembled (pictured). Some soldering is involved to attach wires or a connector to the panel (not included).

Plain RGB panels are also available here.